Monday, August 24, 2009

Dossier/ Goverment paper work

So we received our information packet on Friday, I was so excited I dove right in and started reading over everything and getting myself all organized , I was ready to tackle the world.....the more I read the more overwhelmed and stressed I got, so much so that on Sunday night I was looking for papers in my sleep, evidently they were under the mattress :-) Nathan got a good laugh out of it.
But Monday is a new day, and I am so pleased with what got done today I got at least 3 things finished and 2 more partially done. I just keep reminding myself that God is in control, he has orchestrated this whole thing and will not leave us hanging. Please pray for me, that God will give me wisdom in understanding all of the legal stuff, and patience to not rush through things. I need to remember that all things happen in God's perfect timing ( not mine)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby we miss you

This makes me so excited for the day we will bring our baby girl home.


July 2 2009: our 1st meeting with Gateway Woods.

July 30 2009: Home study visit.

Aug 19 2009: Accepted into the Ethiopia Adoption program with Children's Hope Intl

Aug 28: mailed all release papers to CHI

Sep 16: Home Study Complete.

Sep 18: Immigration papers mailed

Oct 2 : Immigration approval, apt for finger prints.

Jan 2 2010 : Mailed Dossier papers

Jan 14 2010: Waiting family #80

Dear Little one

My Precious baby, you are not even born yet and we are so in love with you.

I think of you everyday, praying that God will watch over you and care for you, that you will grow to be healthy and strong.

love your forever family

We Are In

We just got the phone call that informed us that we have officially been accepted into the Ethiopia Adoption program. WOW !!!!! excited does not even begin to cover the way we are feeling right now.


August 19, 2009

Dear Nathan & Christa Miller

Congratulations! Your application for adoption has been approved by the Program Director.

We will be mailing out your approval packet today or tomorrow with instructions on how to proceed.

We are very excited for you, and wish you well as you begin your adoption journey!

Gloria Akers

The Intake Department

Children’s Hope International