Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Ultrasound picture

Well we are at 10 months now with this "pregnancy" and I thought it is way past time for an ultrasound. I came across this picture on another adoptive families blog and it made me cry, I just had to share. Nathan and I were talking in bed last night and he commented on how long this pregnancy is taking, he decided she will be dark because we left her in the oven soooo long :-)
Yesterday also marked 10 months on the waiting list,and 20 months since God moved our hearts to adoption. What a roller coaster ride it has been. There have been many ups and downs and many tears, but one thing has never waivered.....The faithfulness of our God! He has been so patient and loving with us, speaking to our hearts, confirming to us that He is in control and we just need to rest in Him.
If I had to do a post about what we have learned through this process It would included 3 things.
1: The faithfulness of God
2: The power of prayer
3: The generosity of God's people
Our agency reassured us we are at the TOP of the waiting list but they cannot tell us our exact number, by my count, on the list waiting for a single baby girl we should be around number 3.
We are praying for many referrals this week, and for God to place these children into loving Christian families. I will leave you with this, a note to my precious baby girl.
You have my heart in the palm of your hand, across the ocean, a world away. But since you are not here with me, I wipe the tears away, and we continue to worship God in this wait. You are worth this wait.