Friday, December 4, 2009

This weeks update

3 referrals this week, 2 girls and a boy. Congratulations to those families.
During the month of November there were 23 referrals.
As of today there are 85 families waiting to be matched with a child.
An update on us, we are so close to being done with this stage of the process, we sent everything down to Indy to get State certified and there was a problem with 2 papers so we are redoing those then we will be done and waiting to be notified of our number on the waiting list. We really don't know how long we might have to wait for a referral, it could be like 6 months it may be a year or even longer. But our hearts are encouraged with the speed things are going, we have to keep reminding ourselves that all of this will happen in God's perfect timing.
Have a great weekend!

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