Thursday, February 10, 2011

Court Date

4 weeks from today, ( well actually the 10th is almost over in Ethiopia ) we will be standing before the judge asking him to finalize Adia's adoption. Please join us in prying now, and in the next weeks that all the papers and people will be in the right places, so that the adoption can be final that day. We have friends in Ethiopia now whose case is looking like it might be postponed for the 3rd time, they have been waiting over a month. We do not want these delays, if we do not pass court they may postpone it for 3-5 weeks, then her Visa appointment will be another 4-8 weeks beyond that. Pleas pray with is that God would go before us and prepare they way, Pray for peace for Nathan & I, no matter what the outcome. We know that God's timing is perfect, but our hearts are longing to get this precious baby into our loving arms the sooner the better.


  1. So I'm not sure how this works and I was wondering if you might know. If (heaven forbid) you were to go to court on your court date and you didn't pass and your court date was postponed would you have to remain in Ethiopia for your new court date? I'm confused on how this works. We have friends over there now too and their court date has also been postponed 3 times (not sure if it's the same couple you're referring to or not) but they were staying the whole time anyway but I'm not sure how it affects families who are doing 2 trips?

  2. From what I have been told, this is what I understand. No it does not affect us at all, our part will still be done,we will have meet our child and gave our consent to the judge.

  3. Thanks! Praying you'll never have to experience the above scenario. Hoping you all pass the first time with zero problems. Thanks again. Blessings!